French Granada Walking Tour

[2 Hours Guided Walking Tour Around Albaicín And Sacromonte, About 3 Km]

The Walking Tour is an opportunity to taste Granada without unfolding hundreds of times your huge map with tiny letters and lose your precious time. Meet us to interact with the city as locals do and get to know all the treasures that are hidden in Albayzín and Sacromonte. Even though this activity is a walking tour, the main thing we do is to appreciate, one of the most incredible ancient arabic neighbourhoods in the world (Albaicin), and also the gypsy area (Sacromonte), where the art of flamenco was born and where people were living in the caves.

Talk the talk, and walk the walk. Here is where the knowledge meets the wisdom, and all the high spirits gather up to share moments of storytelling, factor that is going to make the whole difference in the way you interpret all the richness of the city. You’ve got to a point where you know how to invest your time and energy.

Due to the local culture density, every square meter has enough history to tell a whole entire saga, follow our lead and you won’t waste your time trying to figure out something that we already know like the palm of our hands. If you like to appreciate things properly and worriless, with no rush, zero adrenaline and without getting lost, the walking tour is for you.

Don’t feel like walking hill up? You can choose to skip the climb and follow the path downward with the Hybrid Tour, specially developed for the people that want to have a completely hustle free quality time.

MEETING POINT: Sixthrills Office, Plaza Santa Ana, 2, 18009, Granada.

RECOMMENDED ITEMS: Comfy Shoes, Water Bottle, Camera, Full Presence.


JAUNT LENGHT: Approx. 3 Km