Italian Granada Electric Bike Tour

[2 hours Electric Bike Guided Tour, about 12,5km]

By bike is a big bliss, this is the most dynamic way to see Granada, sharing the effort with the electric engine and really making the most out of your visit! This is our favourite way to take you to the best places around.

Going back to the basics feels great when is powered by the swiss technology Pedelec (pedal electric cycle). If you like efficiency, the electric bike tour is for you. It is the most dynamic way to hover around town, it’s fast, with no learning curve whatsoever, if you basically know how to ride a normal bike already.

Here is the deal, we will cut ⅔ of the effort (well… the engine will do that job), take you further than ever imagined, around the most exquisite places, with our cheerleader guides (yes, we really love it) all that on us, on your behalf, we demand open eyes to capture every amazing sight there is, extra stock of serotonin yet to be released, and the only muscle to be in pain at the end will be on your face, for smiling too much.

Sound too good to be true? Maybe because it is, and make sure you remember that, while the breeze inspire you to carry on with the most awesome holidays.

The main thing we do is to appreciate, one of the most incredible ancient arabic neighbourhoods in the world (Albaicin), and also the gypsy area (Sacromonte), where the art ff Flamenco was born and where people are living in the caves.

MEETING POINT: Sixthrills Office, Plaza Santa Ana, 2, 18009, Granada.

THINGS INCLUDED: Electric Powered Bicycle, High Visibility Vest, Helmet, Energetic Guide.

RECOMMENDED ITEMS: Comfy shoes, Water bottle, Camera, Full presence.

HOW FAR CAN WE GET?: 12,5 km (average)