French Granada Segway Tour

Cutting Edge Technology Hovering Around The Most Ancient Part Of Granada, This Is A Segway Guided Tour With A Small Group. One Of The Most Incredible Ancient Arabic Neighbourhoods In The World (Albaicin), And Also The Gypsy Area (Sacromonte), Where The Art Of Flamenco Was Born And Where People Were Living In The Caves.

Segway tour is the fanciest way to cover a huge land, doing as much effort as standing, breathing and smiling. It is suitable for virtually everyone, the easiest way for avoiding the mainstream and having it awesome, it is indeed a remarkable group activity, and also the tip-top time for the kids.

Picture a visit through the least touristic spots in town, with breathtaking landscape sights, smart historical content and energy from the nicest guides, and then you say, “it can’t get much better than that, isn’t it?”, now put a segway on the equation, and the result will be over the top.

The wisdom behind the technology is the self balance and stability system, being the most user friendly transportation gadget, it was developed for effective urban mobility, meaning that, time and effort wise it’s the most efficient way to explore around. Save the energy from your muscles, so your brain can use it to process all the delightful moments you ought to have during your holidays. It is the coolest way to enjoy the city without sweating a single drop. It feels like being on a escalator hill up and down, but you’ve got the power to control it. Seems like magic, but it is real life, with batteries fully charged, waiting for you.

THINGS INCLUDED: Off Road Wheeled Segway, Helmet, High Visibility Vest and Lovely Company.